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We pledge to see your children as individuals and

amaze you with what they can do!


About Our "Un-School"

Yadkin Path’s mission is to provide a multi-age, child-driven environment where our whole community can thrive and grow as confident individuals, learning how to set and respect boundaries, rise to expectations, where all people are competent, can deepen their concentration, and explore the world while grounded in reality, working at their own pace, developing skills that they will take with them throughout life.

Request a Tour

We invite you to visit our peaceful, stimulating campus, and see what we have to offer your family! We give group, parent/caregiver-only, outdoor tours every Wednesday. We look forward to meeting you!


Our Goals

Our mission is to help children learn through hands-on experiences. We strive to help them develop new motor, social, cognitive, and language skills, as well as help them grow and expand in math, reading, writing, critical thinking and problem-solving, and practical life skills. Our curriculum focuses on developing and refining the social graces that children will use throughout their lives, and on our community's history, environment, geography, systems, issues, and diverse cultures. We want to help shape the next generation of compassionate and driven citizens.

To provide meaningful care, growth, and education in a warm, calm environment to children between the ages of 6 weeks to 13 years

To practice Montessori philosophy and pedagogy in a proven method that allows children to reveal their innate qualities in an experimental setting

To provide a classroom teacher who is specifically educated in observing the child, knowing what materials to include in the child’s environment, and introducing the materials without over-teaching

To focus not only on academic skills but also on encouraging the self-actualization of a fully realized child

To foster in children a life of joyful focus and concentration, a sense of independence, an attitude of respect for themselves and others, and an internalized sense of order

Our Environment

As a Montessori school, we specialize in small groups with individualized curriculum, utilizing the three-hour Montessori work period. Children have the freedom to choose what activities they engage in according to their personal interests and skills.  Our classrooms are prepared living environments that are designed to be soothing and engaging. We are non-religious, multicultural, and multi-age.

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