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The School Day

A typical day at Yadkin Path revolves around the traditional Montessori three-hour work cycle, allowing children to select their activities and hone their concentration without interruption.  The schedule varies slightly between classrooms, particularly the infant room which follows the unique timetables of each baby's needs.

Arrival & Before-School Activities: 6:30-8:30

Children who arrive prior to school hours have the opportunity to meet in multi-age play groups before transitioning to their own classrooms.  We encourage you to arrive promptly, as 8:30 marks the beginning of the first work cycle.  Timely arrival will help your child settle in to the day’s activities with the benefit of the full 3-hour classroom time.

Morning Snack & Classroom Time: 8:30-11:30

Maria Montessori observed that, provided freedoms within a carefully prepared environment, children settle into natural rhythms of concentration which she called "work cycles." During these cycles, children are free to:

  • select activities that engage them; 

  • recognize their internal cues and drink or eat accordingly; 

  • rest and have quiet time when needed; 

  • develop prosocial skills through practicing "grace and courtesy," bonding with friends, and resolving conflicts peacefully;

  • receive one-on-one lessons the teacher prepares based on observations about each child’s interests and readiness;

  • enjoy at least 30 minutes outdoors, rain or shine (excepting air quality concerns and weather warnings).

Lunch: 11:30-12:00

Our students bring home-packed foods, following USDA guidelines.  

Nap & Elementary School Departure: 12:00-2:30

All children are assigned their own floor bed or cot and allowed to sleep as needed. Elementary students depart at 2:30.

Afternoon Snack & Classroom Time: 2:30-5:30

The afternoon mirrors the morning work cycle, with more emphasis on outdoor free play.  Students should depart no later than 5:30.  We ask that parents honor our departure times as children may become quite distressed when they are not picked up when expected.

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