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YpM unity during the covid-19 pandemic

“Adaptation to the environment is the first necessity.” — Maria Montessori

Dear YPM Families and Friends,

Because the safety of our children is our utmost priority, we are continually adapting our practices to the evolving situation we find ourselves in, and to the ongoing guidance from the CDC, NC DHHS, and NCDCEE as well as the global Montessori community.

Our combination of 9 acres of meadows, woods, natural playgrounds, and outdoor learning spaces, small, consistent classes called "family groups" (per DHHS recommendations), stringent sanitation practices, creativity, strict entry protocols, and the selfless, flexible support of our enrolled families in adhering to new procedures enables us to move forward safely and maximize social distancing in a nurturing setting.

Your commitment to your children's well-being is demonstrated every day through your collaboration with their teachers, your dedication to bettering yourselves for their sakes, and your involvement with us in maintaining stability, routine, and familiarity in these unstable times.  You embody the "It takes a village" idiom that each of our staff members envisioned when we joined YPM!  Thank you, from all of us, for being an essential part of our children's first community.


Myra Tannehill

Director, Yadkin Path Montessori


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